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Legal disclaimer
  Legal Disclaimer

}  Silverio Salinas is not a Medical Doctor licensed in USA. He do not pretend to make diagnosis or medical treatment to any of his clients in USA. If you are sick, he strongly recommends that see a license Medical Doctor and follow his recommendations. Mr. Salinas do not recommend stop, change, or dismiss any prescription drugs prescribed by a licensed Medical Doctor.

}  Mr. Salinas works in USA as a Wellness Consultant and Holistic Iridologist.  In Mexico and in USA, Mr. Salinas attends clients. 

}   In Mexico or in USA he recommend all natural products and help  his clients to change bad eating habits for all natural good eating habits to help them to recover wellness and good health.

}  All natural products or food supplements, including, but not limited to Exclusive Formulas that Mr. Salinas recommend to his clients pretend that may help clients to recover wellness. None of these products has been reviewed or approved by FDA and do not pretend to do diagnosis or medical treatment to any illness.

}  All educative materials, like seminars, conferences, DVD’s, CD’s books. Brochures etc. are not intended or pretend to diagnose, to do medical treat of any illness. The porpoise of these materials are strictly educative. None of these materials has been reviewed or approval by FDA.

  No business in the state of Texas.